Blake Hyland

— Founder and Creative Director

Blake Hyland is the founder and creative director of the brand ‘Blake Hyland’.The Australian born designer is based abroad residing in Canada having established his brand in 2007. Each of Hyland’s collections are directed philosophically. Inspired by a consciousness and immersion in current affairs. His line strives to imbue its garments with a deeper meaning of cultural connectivity through the commonality that clothing conveys.

With over ten years of experience in the fashion industry including buying, costume design, and wholesaling –establishing his own brand was the next natural progression. Through his study of fashion,he earned its institutions highest honour – ‘Outstanding Merit inDesign Award’for his graduating collection –‘Discard’. Collaborating with other designers while completing his studies helped him collate and hone his skills. The amalgamation of techniques and perspectives led Hyland to develop his second collection –‘Revolt’. Hyland was recognized by Samsung Inc. for his efforts –resulting inan advertisement campaign in conjunction with the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone.

With growth in mind and a sense of achievement Hyland commenced work on his third collection. Given the tepid climate surrounding race and society –inspiration was abound –soon after Hyland debuted his latest collection ‘Equality’in New York for New York Fashion Week.

Hyland’s focus remains the exploration of ideas through texture development and the creation of his own surfaces on textures. He has introduced itas a recurring motif in the majority of his work –asithas played in integral part in separating his style from others. Hyland’s design style encapsulates a measured study of proportion and a mélange of textures creating a juxtaposition of rough and refined. The deconstruction of garments and layering allows a rawer feel to the garments creating the feel that the garments have lived a life before their inception.